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Vivek's Priorities

Vivek's Priorities

Explore Vivek Malek's unwavering commitments and priorities, driving his candidacy for Missouri's State Treasurer. With a steadfast dedication to fiscal responsibility, social equity, and individual freedoms, Vivek is poised to lead Missouri towards a future defined by prosperity and opportunity for all. Dive into each priority below to gain insight into Vivek's vision for a stronger, more vibrant Missouri.


Protecting Taxpayer Funds

Vivek Malek is dedicated to safeguarding taxpayer money by making responsible and strategic investments. He believes in maximizing returns for Missourians, ensuring that every dollar is used effectively to benefit the state's citizens. By implementing transparent financial practices and focusing on sustainable growth, Vivek aims to create a stable and prosperous economic environment for Missouri.


Standing Up Against “Woke” Policy

Vivek is committed to preventing taxpayer funds from being influenced by "woke" special interests. He supports a ban on state investments that adhere to liberal ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) guidelines, which often prioritize political agendas over financial returns. Vivek believes that state funds should be managed based on merit and effectiveness, not ideological conformity, ensuring that investments serve the best interests of all Missourians.


Promoting the Promise of America

Having lived the American Dream himself, Vivek Malek believes in its promise for all. He sees America as the "Shining City on a Hill" that President Ronald Reagan spoke of, where anyone can succeed with hard work and education. Vivek is dedicated to preserving this ideal and will work to create opportunities that allow every Missourian to achieve their full potential. His policies will focus on fostering an environment where ambition and determination are rewarded.


Providing Opportunities for Growth

Vivek is passionate about providing Missourians with the tools and opportunities they need to grow and succeed. He will promote innovative state programs like MOScholars and the MOST educational savings account program, which offer financial support for education and skill development. By investing in these programs, Vivek aims to empower individuals to pursue higher education and career advancement, driving economic growth and prosperity for the entire state.


Pro Life

Vivek is a firm believer that life begins at conception and is dedicated to defending the unborn. He will advocate for policies that protect the sanctity of life and support measures that provide care and assistance to mothers and families. Vivek's pro-life stance is grounded in his belief in the inherent value of every human life, and he will work to ensure that the rights of the unborn are respected and upheld.


Protecting Religious Liberty

Vivek will tirelessly defend the religious freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. He recognizes that these liberties are a fundamental part of American identity and will work to ensure that government policies do not infringe upon the rights of individuals to practice their faith freely. Vivek's commitment to religious liberty is unwavering, and he will advocate for policies that uphold these essential freedoms.

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